Bringing Home Grace

Bringing Home Grace. It's a Game Changer!

Meet Debbie Irons of "Bringing Home Grace".

Chelsea decided to mark this milestone, 6 months after opening our doors at Magnolia Closing Co,  by interviewing the founder of the Grace Foundation, a charitable organization that funds young adults who have aged out of the foster care system.  

Founded by Debbie Irons, a personal friend of Chelsea, and an adoptive mom with a deep passion for raising strong happy women, Debbie started asking the question “what is the one thing that would change your world while growing up in the foster care system.”    The one resounding  answer was a surprise:  “A mentor or figure in my life to change my mindset.  Someone to convince me that I’m worthy and that I’m wanted, and to realize the power from within to myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to.” 

Debbie immediately realized that getting these young adults in front of motivation speakers and programs like Tony Robbins,  could be a true gift for the rest of their lives.  “Tony Robbins had made a huge impact on my life and I knew that it could do the same for these kids who needed a compass that could provide a solid bearing on their life direction as well as confidence and personal rewards,”  Debbie said. 

Through fundraising events and donations from companies like Magnolia Closing Co, Bringing Home Grace has already shown remarkable impacts on the lives of those young adults who’ve been granted scholarships over the past several years since the charitable organization was founded. 

At Magnolia Closing Co, we are committed to our community and the people who bring about healthy results through passionate efforts like what Debbie Irons has provided to young people aged out of the foster care system and have found happier, more robust, structured purpose as they embark on their futures, and the well being that they are experiencing both personally and in their work lives would not be possible without the positive impacts made possible by the Grace Foundation.

To learn more about “Bringing Home Grace” or to make a donation, visit the website by clicking the button below. 

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