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Bringing Home Grace

 Debbie Irons, an adoptive mom with a deep passion for raising strong, happy women, started asking “What was one thing that could have drastically changed your world while growing up in the foster care system?”   To young adults who had aged out of the system,  the one repeating answer was a surprise:

 “A mentor or figure in my life to change my mindset.  Someone to convince me that I’m worthy, I’m wanted, and to realize the power within to do whatever I want, is a reality”.  

Debbie immediately realized that getting these young adults in front of motivation speakers and programs like Tony Robbins,  could be a true gift for the rest of their lives.   Her vision is to send at least 10 young adults from the local Central Florida area to these events all expenses paid.   Can you imagine how this can change not only the child, but the world as it opens their heart to full potential? 

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KW Kids Can

 KW Kids Can is an educational nonprofit founded to engage the next generation of entrepreneurs and world leaders in conversations that matter. Our learning program teaches young adults how to gain their edge in an increasingly competitive world. Students walk away with concrete tools that help them pursue the life they desire.

Key concepts of the curriculum include:

  • Shifting Your Mindset
  • Developing Powerful Habits
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Building Wealth 
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