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A Woman-Owned Florida Corporation

Magnolia roots run deep in southern soil.
A history as old as time.
Endurance as tough as steel.

who we are

Our Mission is to Support You, Our Customer, Every Step of the Way.

Our partners share over 60 years of combined experience in title insurance and closings.

At Magnolia Closing Co.  our approach to the processing of your real estate transactions is built upon the highest standards of compliance and customer-centric support.  That means when you entrust your real estate transaction to Magnolia Closing Co., you are in the care of professionals who not only are dedicated to a high level of satisfaction, but we also elevate the importance of  educating our customers, so you understand the process of buying or selling your home or other property type.  In what may be your greatest investment, we figuratively hold your hand through the entire process, reducing the stress of what are often, complicated transactions.  

For these reasons and more, we highlight why it’s so important to select a title company composed of professionals that have a solid track record of  fair, ethical treatment and regulatory compliance, throughout your transaction.

You can rely on our expert guidance and support to assist you each step of the way. 

Please feel welcome to contact any of our offices.  We are with you every step of the way.

who we are

About Magnolia Closing Co.

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